LAED SOP 03 - Resolution of Complaints

Resolution of Complaints









  1. 1.

Receive complaints/reports/ queries

  • Receive written complaints from walk in complainants;
  • Receive written complaints filed through electronic mail or website portal;
  • Receive written complaints or completed complaint forms of passengers assisted by Passenger Rights Assitance Officers (PRAOs) and/or flight monitors;
  • Receive endorsed complaints filed from other government agencies.

NOTE: If complaint is received over the phone, LED staff may advise caller to submit formal complaint through electronic mail or throught website portal

LED Staff

20 minutes

  1. 2.

Assign Docket Case Number and legal officer

  • Assign Docket Case Number to the written complaint
  • Prepare Case Folder
  • Assign the complaint to an available legal officer
  • Log the written complaint and its detail, as well as the legal officer to the Docket Control Database

LED Staff

10 minutes

  1. 3.

Evaluate the nature of complaint

  • Evaluate the nature of the complaint and determine if this Office has jurisdiction over the subject matter or not.


NOTE: If without jurisdiction, proceed to Step 9

Legal Officer

5 working days

  1. 4.

Issue Show Cause Letter to involved Stakeholder




  • Prepare Show Cause Letter, log and issue the same to concerned stakeholder and copy furnished the complainant through electronic mail and/or endorse to Administrative Division for mailing and delivery
  • Secure Receiving Copy/Delivery receipt from the Administrative Division

LED Staff

1 hr

  1. 5.

Receive answer / comment from stakeholder

  • Recieve the answer / comment from the stakeholder, copy furnish the complainant
  • Evaluate the answer / comment, if satisfactory, proceed to step 9;

Note: If a violation is found, refer to Step 3 of Monitoring of Stakeholder’s Compliance and Assessment and Monitoring of Penalties Procedure (SOP-LAED-04)


Legal Officer

2 working days

  1. 6.

Receive Reply from the Complainant

  • Receive and evaluate the Reply of the complainant, If reply is satisfactory, proceed to Step 9

Note: Proceed to next step if clarification is necessary

Legal Officer

2 working days

  1. 7.

Schedule preliminary /clarificatory hearing/meeting

  • Schedule date of preliminary/clarificatory   hearing/meeting agreed upon by both parties
  • Issue notices of Hearing/meeting to the parties concerned
  • Log and endorse notices of hearing/meeting to Administrative Division for mailing and delivery if sending cannot be made electronicaly;
  • Secure Receiving Copy/Delivery receipt from the Administrative Division

Note: Clarification may also be made through written communication or modes other than a hearing

LED Staff

2 hours

  1. 8.

Conduct investigation/clarificatory hearing

  • Prepare CAB Board Room/ CAB Lounge and Attendance Sheet
  • Confirm attendance of parties concerned
  • Conduct investigation or clarificatory hearing/meeting
  • Issue Cease and Desist Order, if necessary

LED Staff & Legal Officer

2 hours

  1. 9.

Submit Resolution/ Order/ Advisory for signature of Executive Director

  • Prepare a draft Resolution / Order/Advisory for review of LED Chief or Executive Director;
  • Make appropriate amendment/ revision if required
  • Submit final copy of resolution/ order/ advisory for signature of Executive Director

Legal Officer

15 working days

  1. 10.

Release Resolution/ Order/ Advisory

  • Log & send the signed resolution/ order/ advisory through email and endorse the same to Administrative Division for release/ delivery
  • Secure Receiving Copy/Delivery receipt from the Administrative Division

LED Staff

10 minutes




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