HEXD SOP 01 - Issuance of Permit to Operate Air Transportation Services

Issuance of Permit to Operate Air Transportation Services














  1. 1.

Receive Application



  • Receive duly accomplished Application Form
  • Refer to Tracking Slip with tickbox and check the supporting documents submitted
  • Refer to Issuance of Order of Payment (WI-FAMD-01)

OED Staff

OED Ground Floor

10 minutes

  1. 2.

Receive Payment





  • Validate the assessment of filing fee in the Tracking Slip
  • Issue an Order of Payment accordingly
  • Receive the payment and issue official receipt

FMD Staff



FMD/ Cashiering Unit                 2nd Floor

22 minutes

  1. 3.

Assign Control Number

  • Log and assign routing number to the Application
  • Forward to HED

Note: For opposed application/s from ACASFAD and AORD, log and assign HED case number

OED Staff


HED Staff

OED Ground Floor/ HED 2nd Floor

10 minutes

  1. 4.

Issue Notice of Hearing

  • Receive the Application and assign HED case number
  • Prepare Notice of Hearing with dates of Pre-marking and Hearing
  • Furnish IT Section a copy of Notice of Hearing for Website posting

Refer to Posting/Publishing Information or Document in the CAB Website (SOP-PARD-03)

  • Furnish affected Domestic Airlines with the Notice of Hearing and the application through email
  • Prepare a Notice of Service

NOTE: For original application, applicant is required to publish Notice of Hearing for 3 consecutive weeks in a newspaper of General Circulation (broadsheet)

- A Temporary Operating Permit (TOP), for original application, may, at any time after filing of an application, be submitted for consideration of the Board, even prior to presentation of evidence, depending on the urgency and the requirement of public necessity at the time the request is made (per R.A. 776, Section 10 c (1); PAL vs. CAB & Grand Air International, GR No. 119528, March 26, 1997.

- Provisional Extension of a permit (CPCN or FACP) maybe granted during the pendency of the proceedings for renewal, upon filing of a written request. Such provisional extension shall be valid for thirty (30) days in accordance with CAB Resolution No. 95 (2003) dated 23 April 2003, signed by the Executive Director, and shall be extended on a 30-day period until the Board shall have acted upon the application.

HED Staff



IT Personnel



HED Staff

HED 2nd Floor/ IT Room Ground Floor

3 working days

  1. 5.

Request data from CAAP

  • Prepare letter-request of applicant’s technical data and send to the CAAP

HED Staff

HED 2nd Floor

3 working days

  1. 6.

Pre-mark the Documentary Evidence

  • Mark documents, compare and validate with original copies as Exhibits
  • Receive the originally-marked documents with digital copy stored in USB before the Hearing
  • Prepare a case folder for each application
  • Upload marked documents in HED server for the Hearing Panel
  • Accomplish the Evaluation Checklist based on the exhibits presented

HED Staff

HED 2nd Floor

2 hours

  1. 7.

Conduct Hearing

  • Receive and hear offer of authenticated documentary and testimonial evidence
  • Require applicant to   submit compliance documents, as may be required during the hearing
  • Issue an Order to File Written Formal Offer of Evidence (FOE)
  • Issue Notice of Receipt of FOE to members of the Hearing Panel
  • Prepare reports for submission to the Hearing Officer

Hearing Officer



Hearing Panel (HED, ACASFAD, AORD, LED, PRD)

Board Room Ground Floor

4 hours

  1. 8.

Conduct on-site validation

  • Conduct on-site validation based on the documentary evidence and oral testimony offered, if applicable
  • If verified not to conform with the evidence presented, issue Order requiring applicant to comply within five (5) working days; otherwise, issue an Order of Dismissal


On-site validation is conducted on all applications for CPCN and original applications for FACP

Validation Team/Hearing Panel


2 hours

  1. 9.

Evaluate Application

  • Review and evaluate submitted documentary and testimonial evidence and reports
  • Prepare Executive Brief with recommendation and submit to OED for signature

NOTE: Petition may be dismissed for non-compliance with the requirements and/or unreasonable postponements/delays (Clients are only allowed 3 postponements, except for justifiable causes beyond its control)

Hearing Officer

HED 2nd Floor

7 working days

  1. 10.

Forward Executive Brief to OBS

  • Submit signed Executive Brief to OBS with complete supporting documents together with the electronic copy

HED Staff

HED 2nd Floor

5 minutes

  1. 11.

Prepare Agenda for the Board Meeting

  • Schedule/Calendar Agenda for Board Meeting
  • Refer to Reception of Documents for Board Meeting, Facilitation of Conduct of Board Meeting, Issuance of Board Resolution (WI-OBSE-01)

OBS Staff

OBS 2nd Floor

5 minutes

  1. 12.

Present recommendation to the Board for appropriate action either through regular Board Meeting or Ad Referendum action

  • Conduct Board Meeting
  • Act on the presented recommendation


OBS Staff

Board Members, Hearing Officer

OBS 2nd Floor

10 minutes (per application/agenda item)

  1. 13.

Prepare Board Resolution in accordance with Board Action

  • Draft board resolution for ED’s final editing
  • Prepare final copies for ED’s signature
  • Refer to Reception of Documents for Board Meeting, Facilitation of Conduct of Board Meeting, Issuance of Board Resolution (WI-OBSE-01)

OBS Staff

OBS 2nd Floor

40 minutes (per application)

  1. 14.

Secure signatures of Board Members

  • Endorse Board Resolutions to Administrative Division
  • Route Board Resolutions to BMs for their signatures

OBS Staff


Admin Staff

OBS 2nd Floor

Admin Bldg.

2 months (per batch of resolution)

  1. 15.

Release Final Resolution to Stakeholders

  • Endorse duly signed Board Resolutions to Administrative Division
  • Deliver/release Board Resolutions to Stakeholders

OBS Staff



Admin Staff

OBS 2nd Floor

Admin Bldg.

1 minute (per signed resolution)

  1. 16.






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