Asiana Airlines suffers cyberattack


The Wall Street Journal

Seoul – Asiana Airlines, Inc. suffered a cyberattack caused by hackers who left a message criticizing Albania, which disrupted customer services at South Korea’s second-largest airliner.

The incident occurred early Monday morning, blocking customers’ access to the company’s website. Bookings and other online services remained crippled as of 0230 GMT.

“The hacking didn’t directly target our company but is presumed to be aimed at calling people’s attention to the Serbian issue,” Asiana said in a statement.

Its homepage was replaced with a deface page left by hackers going by the online handle of “Kuroi’SH and Prosox.”

The deface page showed a message and graphic images including the Newborn Monument, a typographic sculpture unveiled in 2008 when Kosovo declared independence from Serbia. Another graphic image at the top had two hooded men and a coat of arms.

“I am sorry, Asiana Airlines, but the world needs to understand the crime against humanity, carried out by [Albanian] pigs touching Serbia,” the message read, arguing the monument should be destroyed.

Another message also said, “Serbia will not be forgotten.”

Asiana said it reported the hacking to government regulators, which are currently looking into the case.

The company said none of its customer information has been leaked, but it may take some time before a full recovery is made to online services.

Asiana also said the hacking incident appears to be unrelated to North Korea.